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People with Talent, Education, dedication to the task and work ethic are in short supply and global demand! Digital workspaces, financial services, and global payments have accepted that working from home is the new normal.

Boarders are opening in response to labour demands and adjusting to migration trends.

Africa offers unparalleled opportunities with a very young, well-educated, hard-working, responsible workforce and low salary brackets. European time zones and English, French, and Portuguese mother tongues add to this global opportunity.
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Frequently asked questions

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Since employers rarely have the time to read through CVs, they opt for concise and easy-to-understand resumes. The chronological resume structure is the most common structure used by candidates because it focuses on the candidate’s job experience and is simple to read. This structure is compatible with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, which most employers use to find suitable applicants for the job position without having to go through all the applications.

A CV should be thought of as brand promotion or picking out an outfit for a special occasion, so it needs to include the following:

A resume header – a part that contains your name, cell phone number, email address, a link to your LinkedIn profile, and your current job position. Most employers would like to know more about your personality; they would go through social media accounts, so it is advisable to add the social media platforms the applicant uses depending on the job applied for.

Resume summary, this entails a short introduction of the candidate and the strengths. Candidates must use simple words or less jargon, using the KISS guideline “Keep It Short and Simple”. The choice of words must be carefully considered to grab the employer’s attention and make them want to read more about the candidate.

Cover letter- 1 page

Resume- 1 or 2 pages

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