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About Us

People with Talent, Education, Dedication and a Work Ethic are both short in supply and high in global demand! Digital workspaces, financial services and global payments have accepted that working from home is the new normal. Home can be anywhere, including Africa.

Borders are opening in response to labour demands and adjusting to migration trends. Africa offers unparalleled opportunities with a young, very well-educated, hard-working and responsible workforce. Low salary brackets, European time zones and English, French and Portuguese mother tongues add to this global opportunity.

REdy Talent is delighted to support clients globally to find the right candidate for their companies.

What We Do

We connect International companies to the right African candidates.

With our recruiting tool, we target qualified candidates by profession, experience, skills and location. Sign up and receive initial list of suitable candidates for free.

Operating through social media in 45 African countries and with our expert team, REdy Talent makes it easy for companies of any size to recruit the best talent from Africa.

REdy Talent is part of REdy-Africa, the commercial partner for the Right for Education Foundations in Dublin and Accra, and has privileged access to their 8 million African followers.

Also in partnership with Deel, we give you the platform to pay your remote teams faster and easier in all currencies.

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